With the precious help of our people, we cleaned up the vandalised facades of the Averof Building: the main building of NTUA’s historical campus!

Built in 1878, the Averof building is one of the most important Neoclassical buildings in Athens and one with great significance to Greece’s recent history. Following a 7 year-long conservation project, the Averoff building was recently awarded with Europa Nostra’s Grand Prix, the most prestigious prize for cultural heritage in Europe.
A local award ceremony was scheduled for June 14th, 2013. Sadly, however, two weeks before the ceremony, the Averof Building was in a sorry state: its walls, pillars and entrances had all been “decorated” with multiple layers of paint and graffiti!

Feeling obligated to help, more than 35 volunteers worked in groups for 2 days to perform a thorough cleanup of the vandalized facades, refresh the painted surfaces and renovate the surrounding gardens.
Additionally, by applying a special, anti-graffiti coating, the building is now better protected against similar acts of vandalism in the future!

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