Once again, we supported the Radiomarathon 2012: a series of charity events for families and children with special needs, organized by Marfin Egnatia Bank and the Laiki Bank Group in Greece and Cyprus.

The Radiomarathon constitutes a great example of voluntary commitment of both outstanding individuals as well as common people of all ages, residing in Cyprus and in any other place with Greek communities, towards those children who are facing life with a fighting spirit, determination and passion.
Through numerous events, the Radiomarathon sensitizes and informs the public on the issues regarding the children with special needs, thereby facilitating the change of mentality towards their problems and their reintegration in the society at large. Additionally, it collects substantial material sources that will help render this problem less acute.

In Greece, the Radiomarathon 2012 commenced on October 22nd and the events will run until the end of November in the country’s major cities.
For the fourth consecutive year, our company gladly accepted the invitation of Marfin Egnatia Bank to support the institution. As part of the sponsorship, Kouros manufactured and offered tens of custom-made, acrylic containers that were used at the events.

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